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Your 3 Steps to Building Wealth Through Property

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Step 1: Strategy

Your 1-1 Strategy Session

Objectives of this step are to:

  • Understand where you’re at now
  • Understand what you’d like to achieve
  • Understand the challenges you face
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The strategy session is a one hour online call with one of our property strategists. Prior to the call, you will be sent some brief questions to answer which will be the backbone of the conversation. The purpose of the strategy session is for us to clearly understand exactly where you are, and where you want to go. For some people, this is very clear, and for others we need to work with you closer to achieve this vision. We discuss your wealth building goals, and also the path in which you’ve taken to get you where you are today. Everyone’s experiences of the past, as well as goals for the future, are different and that is why we take the time to understand your needs on a 1-1 basis. This session is 100% confidential.

Investor workshop

Step 2: Knowledge

Attend our PRO INVESTOR workshop

Objectives of this step are to:

  • Educate you on the current property market
  • Allow you to be a confident investor
  • Ensure you get all your questions answered by professionals

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This 1 day live event is the only property investment workshop that gives you 360 degree guidance in the one room. REIA is proud to work alongside an excellent panel of experts in their fields, whilst also collaborating with the Australia’s best companies. You’ll have full access to qualified Mortgage Brokers, Accountant, Financial Advisory, SMSF specialist, Property Acquisitions Team,  During the workshop you will learn ninja investor tactics direct from the source themselves. We cover in detail the best strategies to build wealth, property due diligence on macro and micro levels, growth areas throughout the whole of Australia and how to find these for yourself, taxation savings and investor tips, self-managed super fund purchasing, asset protection, bank lending and how to get the most out of your financial situation, the biggest mistakes investors make, a hundred pro investor ninja tips to maximise your potential. This is just a snapshot of what you’ll get access to!

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strategy session

Step 3: Action

Your 1-1 Action Session

Objectives of this step are to:

  • Ensure your goals are realistic and strategic
  • Turn your learnings into an actionable roadmap
  • Support you in taking the next step as an investor
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Knowledge is important, however without action, it can be deemed useless. During the 3rd and most important step of your journey with REIA our panel of experts create an action plan that is personalised. We do not endorse “cookie-cutter” actions or education as we recognise that your current financial position, wealth building goals, and timeframe to achieve those goals are different to someone else’s. The Action Session ties together the Strategy session and the Workshop learnings to map out your next steps whilst taking into account your goals and aligning those goals with realistic targets: What you want to achieve vs what you can achieve. With this information aligned, we create a realistic and strategic action plan.

Although these 3 steps are the cornerstone of our client’s investment success, our relationship with you is long-term. Once you’re a client of REIA, you will remain a client for life, with no additional fees or charges to access our workshops or property acquisitions team. We are with you for the entire journey, every step of the way.


We Also Have A Done-For-You Service

We recognise that time can sometimes be the barrier to focusing on your wealth building. In our experience, busy lives can mean that we rarely find the time to sit down and focus on our finances, let alone our future finances! And before you know it, another year or two has flown past, and whilst the intentions are always there, the reality of time simply doesn’t not allow any action. No time = no action = no progress.

You are not alone. Over the past 10 years, we have heard this from many of our clients, which is why we have created our Done-For-You option.

This option is best suited to you if you know you want to invest in property, need the guidance, support and team to get you there, yet have little time to dedicate to the many hours of learning and due diligence required to make a smart, safe, and confident decision.

We start with a Strategy Session via phone call (exactly the same as step 1 above). Based on the outcome of the Strategy Session, we then arrange an Action Session via online phone call with our panel of experts to create your action plan together. This may include our Accountant, Broker, Acquisitions team, SMSF team, Financial Planner, Property Strategist. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have your existing Accountant or Financial Planner on the call, this is recommended, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

From the Action Session, and based on your guidance, we put our team to work and start executing the actionable items for you, including sourcing investment property options for you.

Our Done-For-You option allows you to focus on your day-to-day, whilst we do the leg-work for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We bought our property through REIA for 470k and it has grown to approximately 550k – 560k, that’s about $80,000 in 12 months.

Charles & Lillian


Compared to other courses I have been too, this has been by far the best value, I am now onto my third property. Shane & his team has helped me so much and I am very grateful.



I attended this seminar and all I can say is WOW it was Amazing. I am a single mum on 65k per year and it was so hard for me to save as I am renting as well. This has given me a starting point in life & I know I am going to make a lot of money in the coming years…



You guys have done an excellent job, very fast and very efficient. I am hard to please and I just can’t fault these guys. They got me a cheaper home loan rate that my own personal banker could get.



It was wonderful & so much information, my brain feels like it is about to explode, the stuff that you will learn in this workshop I have never heard anywhere else. You have to come along and see for yourself.



“Of the 200 richest Australians, those listing property as their main source of wealth, increased from 28 in 2007 to 47 in 2017”