About Real Estate Investing Australia

Real Estate Investing Australia is a leading property investment company with offices throughout Australia.

Since our establishment in 2010 we have built a strong foundation in property investment and progressively expanded the business over the years. Today, we offer a complete range of property services to our many clients.

We provide independent property investment services to help investors enter the property market and grow their existing portfolios.

Services offered include property education, mentoring and advice, research and loans. We offer clients exceptional investment opportunities from all over Australia that have passed our strict assessment criteria.

Our vision is to create a community of successful investors who achieve their financial goals through property. We pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and integrity. We’re always focused on your needs and your success.

We continuously measure, monitor, analyse and improve, processes, tasks and ourselves to achieve the best results for our customers. We will always work hard and be unyielding in our pursuit of outstanding results.

Our investment advisors are all industry-qualified professionals as well as experienced property investors.

Real Estate Investing Australia is also accredited to give investment advice through the Property Investment Advisors of Australia (PIAA).