Fortunately for the many ordinary Australians who have ignored the media’s Doomsday messages, the property market has stayed strong and will continue to trend upwards, riding the waves of the economy. Many of these investors have come from less than perfect backgrounds. Some have even come from upbringings that could certainly be regarded as ‘disadvantaged’. However, despite these issues, they’ve managed to transform their lives through their effort and focus. So, though some might tell you otherwise, nothing in your background, education or experience is truly a barrier that can prevent you making your way to the top.
If your circumstances are less than ideal, you shouldn’t and mustn’t give up on your dreams. Remember there are those that have made it from almost certainly far worse circumstances. If your situation is similar to theirs, be inspired by them. If your situation is better than theirs, be motivated by them, tell yourself that you’re in a better position than they were when they began, and that’s to your advantage. You can follow in their footsteps, if you choose.

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