Now it’s time to begin putting into practice what you’ve learned and start to build your financial future. Don’t put aside the knowledge you’ve acquired, but review this information regularly, revisiting any subjects that need extra attention, or simply to re-motivate yourself if your confidence sags a little.

If you can’t do anything immediately to take your plans forward right now, don’t be put off and think that property investment isn’t for you. Just because you can’t do something immediately shouldn’t stop you from learning as much as you can about property investment and the real estate markets both locally and nationally.

Begin to see yourself as a professional property investor. Wherever you are in town, out in the country, on pleasure or business, start looking at property and different areas from an investment perspective. Keep asking yourself questions about who would live there and why? What would attract a tenant or buyer to one property or area and not another? Why has that particular property remained vacant for so long? What impact will this new development have on the one just down the street?

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