Set up a property investment folder on your laptop or PC where you can collect information or open up a new file in your filing cabinet. Sit down and start assessing your assets and liabilities. Make an appointment to see a real estate agent to learn more about the property options in your area and to learn where they think the market is going. Tell them you are interested in making property investments and ask them what they would recommend. This may be just a general discussion, but you will be regarded as a potential buyer and they should go through what properties they have on their books with you. You can also visit the bank to get an idea about your financing options.

Take a regular walk around your locality looking at different properties. Begin reading the property supplements in the local press to get an idea of prices, and also the news to identify events that might affect the property market in the future. Get an overview of what’s happening in the property market generally by reading property investment newsletters online and buying investors’ magazines and publications. Be on the lookout for that first investment property but don’t expect to find your dream property investment first time out. If you do, that’s great, but holding out for the perfect property could mean that you’ll miss out on some other good properties that will still perform.

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