The most valuable lesson to learn is to have a positive mindset and believe you can fundamentally change your life for the better, to avoid remaining stuck where you are, doing the same things, day in, day out, with the same regrets. However, success rarely happens overnight, and those who tell you otherwise are best ignored. On the contrary, success, like most things worth achieving, requires work and a willingness to take a longer-term view, not expecting things to happen in an instant. So, while property investment will give you good results within a few years, it’ll be five or more years before you can consider yourself on the road to financial independence.

Of course you’ll make mistakes on the way, and unforeseen events will arise to throw you off course, but the information contained here will help ensure your errors are fewer in number and smaller in size. And because you are making better decisions, you’ll progress faster and more effectively than you otherwise would.

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