Know how to obtain a good return from your properties whilst waiting for them to grow in value, while managing the rental process either yourself or by using others to do it for you.

And you realise that when you are earning income from your property portfolio, you can minimise the amount of tax you pay by maximising the deductions available to you.

But all this knowledge will be wasted unless you take the next step and that is to take action to make things happen.

Just thinking about how wonderful it would be to build your wealth and financial independence in this way isn’t going to make it happen. You have to do something about it. This is the point all successful property investors have found themselves at, faced with the choice of actually doing something to make their future dreams a reality, or just sitting back and carrying on as before.

You can decide to consider all that you have learned through this series as an intellectual exercise; or you can choose to see it as stepping stone to your future.

It’s only natural to feel apprehensive about something new, especially if you haven’t done anything on this scale before. You may be genuinely sceptical about whether property is right for you, particularly when you see alarmist headlines in the press. However, while these stories at first glance may have the appearance of authority, they are often just over-hyped figments of a journalist’s imagination, aimed at grabbing the attention of sales-hungry editors and media owners.

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