Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison said that last Tuesday’s budget is the biggest shake-up to Australia’s Superannuation system in 10 years. According to Switzer commentator Paul Rickard – he is absolutely correct! However, seems this shake-up might be just what the property market ordered.

The budget shake-up is set to reduce how much money Australian’s can put into their super.

Additionally, moving forward, the new budget means there will be lower tax benefits for those Australian’s who keep money in super funds. With reduced super incentives, individuals will quickly start looking for another means to grow their nest egg and invest their hard-earned dollar.

That’s where the property market comes into play.

According to Rickard these changes will result in the money consequently being injected into property instead.

• On Switzer Daily, he explains that due to the new super changes in the recently announced budget, middle income Australians will now start looking to invest their money into the family home, investment property and farms – all funds that, in the past, would have typically made their way into the super system.