While the studies show that the rich keep getting richer around the world, the recently released BRW Rich 200 list gives us some insight into what’s happening to the fortunes of Australia’s wealthiest individuals.

I’ve always found there are interesting lessons to be learned by following the fortunes (and misfortunes) of others.

This year there were more billionaires than ever (53) and and the average wealth per person is $987 million, up from $974 million last year.

A quarter of the Rich List made their money in property, with Meriton’s founder Harry Triguboff claiming the top spot with a personal fortune of $10.62 billion.

Harry Triguboff’s personal accountant was my accountant for many years, then I found an accountant that took me to the next level.

Would you rather pay $100 for a tax return to some that has a stand in Westfield’s or to one of the best accountants in the country?

Stephen Tolle