The news is all good for property owners in New South Wales as analysts have been remarking on a strong return of optimism to this market in the recent weeks. There is some fear that a slight negative movement could hamper recovery and bring sales to a standstill but this seems to be unfounded as the supply of properties continues to come under some serious pressure here. About 60% of NSW members believe that this area is a prime location for real estate dealings right now because of the many advantages it has to offer.

Residents Liken NSW to a Compact, Homely Community

Many of the sellers here in NSW locations are looking to find a place nearby because they have grown to love the friendly neighborhood here. Residents liken the community to a ‘family’ with all the locals being very familiar with others and also very willing to help. In fact, this friendly environment is one of the key selling points for many NSW locations. In a list of top 10 suburbs (carried out by, North Rocks has earned a well deserved third place with Smithfield coming in at 5th place. Both these locations are well known for their close knit communities.

Excellent Schooling is Another Key Advantage

For families with children, schooling is concern when looking for a new home and many NSW locations come out on top in this respect. In fact, North Rocks emerges a winner here as well with many families vouching for the excellent schooling available here. Since there are both public and private schools that are deemed to be of high quality, North Rocks is an ideal choice for those who consider good schools a top priority factor in their decision making.

Affordable Pricing makes NSW Properties an Excellent Deal

When it comes to pricing concerns, more than 50% of NSW members believe that the market will see further stabilization in the coming weeks. However, nearly 40% believe that a price increase is on the cards over the next half year. Good turnout in open houses, strong inquiries about property sales and a steady decline in supply will all combine to keep prices shored up here and may also contribute to a price improvement over the next few months. With no significant plans in the offing for land releases for housing development, supply is likely to remain under pressure here adding further impetus to price increases.