If you have been looking for the perfect Queensland property to invest in, your search ends with Delyse, the newly planned residential community in Middlemount. The project is being promoted by Capricorn 151 Developments, and will encompass 66 two-bedroom units. Market analysts believe that this project could become a major moneymaker in the coming years.

Big Rental Yields Expected

One of the main reasons why this project is believed to be a great investment is that this location draws good rentals. Accessible from Mackay, the coastal town, with a two hour-drive, Delyse is a real estate hotspot. Given that Middlemount is a prime location and one of the main servicing towns for the Bowen Basin mining area, there is bound to be significant improvement here, which will be driven by the expansion in resource-centered activity. Several key mining companies that are highly active in this location depend on surrounding towns like Middlemount to provide residential accommodation facilities to workers. In Queensland, Toowoomba has also been enjoying the interest that resource rich destinations are drawing in recent times.

Upgrades in Coal and Gas Production will Impact Middlemount Positively

Market research has indicated that population in Bowen Basin will grow in the coming years and the activity levels of mining companies like Anglo Coal, Capcoal, German Creek and others is all set to increase. More mines are expected to improve their coal and gas production level to cater to the growing demand and this will create a need for more workers. When these workers come into this locality, there will be immense demand for more residential accommodations, which will give a fillip to new projects like the Delyse.

Central Location will Make Delyse a Coveted Property

One of the key factors driving Delyse’s popularity is that it is centrally located within Middlemount. The project will feature suitable accommodation for both families and singles, which makes it ideal for workers of all kinds. With a range of features including a swimming pool, security screens, exercise room, barbecue area and entertainment centre, Delyse is sure to be a preferred location for many. The presence of so many desirable features also justifies a heavy rental for these units and this is a key point for real estate investors to note.

Stage one of the project may be ready for occupation by the middle of 2013. Even now, great interest is being shown in this location and these homes, by those who are also attracted by the proximity of the location to some of the most scenic spots in Australia, such as Blue Mountain Park.