Your accountant will be important in helping you maximise your income from property, but you should also give some thought to building a ‘dream team’ of other professionals who can help with different elements of your property investment business. These should include: a lawyer to handle property transactions, leases and other tenancy issues—ideally a specialist with a thorough knowledge of the conveyancing process involved in transferring property from seller to buyer

You will also need a financial adviser to help with identifying and applying for sources of funding that you might otherwise miss out on and an insurance broker who will help make sure you and your properties are fully protected in the event of accidents and incidents.

You may have connections with some of these professionals already—many of us have used a solicitor to buy our own home, a financial adviser to find a mortgage, and an insurance broker to insure our house or car. But before your business really gets going you should review whether these are the right people to advise you as a property investor.

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