Do they have clients you can speak to about their experience with the firm? Not every practice will be happy to tell you who it does business with, let alone allow you to speak to them, but it’s always worth asking the question.

What are going to be the core services they offer you and which do they regard as extras? There is no point paying for services as standard that you are never going to use.

Are they in the right location? You won’t be visiting your advisers that often, but there could be a string of meetings when you are going through the process of actually buying or selling a property. This might be a problem if your solicitor, in particular, is too far away. It’s ideal to find someone good who is close.

Do you feel as though you will be able to get on with them personally? Especially when you are staring out and not too confident about what you’re doing, you don’t want to feel as though you are being talked down to by someone you are paying for advice.

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