P: So we have currently 4 houses with the fifth about to start being constructed. We have $1.2 million worth of property, $700,000 of that is debt. D: It brings in about $1000 a week cash flow P: Yes, that’s positive cash flow. D: Which is really good, you know we don’t have to chip in much for our investment properties. So we’ve settled our new block of land six weeks ago and the slab will be poured in two weeks and already we have made $60,000 without a slab P: (There is no way we would be able to save that) D: So we are pretty excited as we can’t earn $60,000 all year and we’ve made it in six weeks through Real Estate Investing Australia so that is why we are pretty excited. P: We are hopefully looking at another property very shortly after that since the property has already gone up just under $60,000. D: We would hopefully be using the equity and… P: Drawing that out and getting another property. D: And going back with Real Estate Investing Australia and looking forward to the next place we buy. So yeah, that’s our story so far.