Why Choose Us

10 reasons why 1000’s of everyday Australian’s choose to work with Real Estate Investing Australia

  1. You get your own property coach, who’s only a phone call away. This means you feel totally supported as you grow your portfolio
  2. You get access to capital growth and positive cash flow deals. Having both these sort of properties allows you to grow a large portfolio – because that gives you the income and the equity to continue getting bank loans.
  3. You get a personal Property Investment Business Plan. Your plan will guide you in what type of properties to buy, in what area, to help you reach your financial goals. You’ll be investing like a pro – not an amateur.
  4. You get access to ‘off-market’ deals, that often don’t even make it to realestate.com.au.  That’s because ‘in-the-know’ investors snap them up before they are listed. We give you the ‘insiders edge’.
  5. You benefit from our ‘group buying’ power. This helps you to secure property deals under market value. This saving goes directly to your back pocket.
  1. You get access to a property finance team that specialises in investors. This means, they’ll help you get the best type of property loan for your specific situation – at no charge to you.
  2. You get access to the top accountants in the industry who can setup ways on how to better minimise your taxation, and at the same time protect your assets in your personal name.
  3. You get access to our property manager specialists that provide services to you the landlords that are over and above what your standard property managers will do.
  4. You have access to have your portfolio review annually to determine whether you are on track and if not what you need to do to be able to get back on track
  5. You have the opportunity to sit down with our entire Team of Experts and Specialists who will analyse your current financial situation and show you ways in which you can improve to fully maiximise your financial position.